These pictures were taken in the loft space above a top floor flat that had a serious squirrel infestation. Externally to the building was a tree branch close to the guttering and sofit The squirrels chewed through the sofit to get access to the loft. When I first beamed a torch around I noted about 5 pairs of eyes but I believe there was many more.

Picture 1

 As with all rodents, squirrels are attracked to the PVC of electrical cables.

Conductors being left exposed pose a danger to people crawling around in a loft with out proper light, we've all done it,  along with the potential of fires.




Picture 2


This loft was originally fully insulated however the squirrels had another use for all that nice fluffy stuff.




Picture 3


Cables are not the only thing at risk, pipe insulation is also includedleaving pipes exposed to freezing.




Picture 4


 Pipe insulation nibbles.



Picture 5


Insulation nibbles



Picture 6


 This is where it starts




Picture 7


 Nothing like a bit of wood for afters.




Picture 8


 More cable nibbles.





Picture 9


 Cable nibbles




Picture 10


 Cable nibbles. The propertly ended up being rewired due to the amount of damage.




Picture 11


 One of two nests found in the loft





Picture 12


 The second nest.





Picture 13


 Cable nibbles





Picture 14


Insulation removed to make their nests.