If you live in the country, near fields or woodlands, it is highly likely that you will experience some kind of damage to your electrical installation unless you use poison on a regular basis.


During my time as an electrician, I have seen and heard most things so not much surprises me now. The first you are going to know about it is when part of your installation fails in some way and hopefully this will only be a Fuse popping or MCB tripping.


For the DIY'er to find the fault it can be quite challenging and time consuming. For an electrician to find the fault it can be quicker to isolate the problem area with the relevant test equipment however, once the area is found, it is still a matter of lifting floor boards or gaining access in loft spaces and sometimes even this is not possible.


There was an occasion when a colleague of mine drilled into a customer ceiling and a large area collapsed on him followed by about 50 live mice!



 The mouse that did not get away.





 Same mouse, different angle.





Sample of the damage





Sample of the damage







Sample of the damage









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